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  • Linda R. Taliaferro

3 Steps To Getting More Than A 5% Raise

One of the most taboo topics in the workplace is the one area where you can determine your self-worth: Money.

Money, in particular your salary, is something you and your coworkers keep to yourself. As long as you are getting paid regularly, remain within the promised range when you were hired, and see your yearly 2% increase, there’s no need to broach the subject.

But what happens when you are going above and beyond?

You are exceeding expectations, hitting home runs for your team, and killing it with your performance report. When you see your worth in action, but your salary doesn’t match, it’s time to discuss getting paid your worth.

3 Steps To Negotiating A Raise

1 Understand Yourself

Before negotiating a significant pay increase, you need to know this.

You must have self-confidence. If you don’t, you will enter into that conversation passive and ready to accept whatever they give. Going into salary negotiations is not a pride move; it’s a money move. So don’t go in happy you made an effort. This is an opportunity to advocate for yourself.

Go in there with the mindset that you will fight the right way for what you deserve.

2 Understand Your Company Culture

Before you schedule that conversation, ensure you know your office politics or how things get done. Are big decisions made through committees? Is there a group that meets at the senior leadership level where decisions are made and then funneled down? Or maybe relationships weigh heavy in company decision-making.

These and other questions should be on your mind as you strategize your negotiation approach.

You also want to consider your relationship with these decision-makers. The positive relationships you form with people, especially those with 15+ years of experience, will help you better understand how to get things done.

3 Understand The Metrics

The relationships you build are foundational, but the numbers help highlight and prove you are more than just a good worker with tight relationships with colleagues.

Your metrics are inarguable. If you can display what you have done and how your work has performed in helping your organization reach and exceed goals, you have one more tool in your arsenal to convince leadership during your negotiations.

In addition, you want to know the metrics outside of your organization. In other words, you want to know your value in the current market. So take the time to research how your current salary compares to what others in your industry are paying.

This is an opportunity not to eliminate opinions of what you think is fair and instead share evidence of what you know is an appropriate salary increase.

Know Your Worth

When it comes to black and brown people at work, self-confidence is one area where you can’t falter. Too many obstacles are already in place for you to turn into your worst enemy.

This is especially true in getting paid what you are worth. Yes, the fear can cause you to hesitate and try to “help” you avoid being in an uncomfortable position. But that discomfort can’t overcome your self-confidence.

Embrace what you are worth, follow the steps above, and confidently move forward with your plans.

Boost Your Self Confidence

Ready to ask for a salary increase, but you are doubting yourself and your worth.

Let’s turn that around so you can get paid what you are worth. I developed a free tool to help women move through workplace politics with the confidence to know they belong. Get it delivered to your inbox today!

Download the FREE GUIDE: Workplace Confidence for Black & Brown Women.

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