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  • Linda R. Taliaferro

4 Keys to Accomplishing Your Career Goals in the Pandemic

Look, we’re in a crisis right now. Things are scary. So today I’m going to keep it simple and give you some specific steps you can take to accomplish your career goals. There’s no magic or complicated trick, but setting a focus and being intentional during this pandemic will see you through this strange time and have you coming out on the other side having accomplished something.


The worst thing you could do right now is to settle into a comfortable routine and give up on growth. Get used to the change, sure, but don’t be complacent. With as much going on as there is, don’t let growth pass you by. A lot is happening, and change is your friend here. Adapt to the change and go with it, don’t fight it.


All those goals you had before the pandemic? Don’t lose sight of them! Everything is different now and we have to do things differently, but that doesn’t mean we should stop. Life will happen after coronavirus just like it happened before, so it’s all about how we adapt.

Keep an eye on your goals and continue to strive for them. Are you taking initiative? Developing your skills? Progressing in your goals? Don’t lose sight of what motivated you before all this happened.


The market is starting to revive. It’s slow, sure, but it’s coming back. I’ve seen job postings and new opportunities cropping up, and although things won’t look the same when we get back, it’s clear that a new normal is coming. How prepared are you? Even if you don’t feel prepared, that’s okay! Just keep going. Don’t slow down, don’t lose focus, and keep an intentional eye on your goals. I know many of you are job-hunting, which is a stressful place to be. For new grads especially, this hiring environment has been incredibly scary. But I want you to not let the fear choke you. Keep your eyes on the prize, and know that better days are coming. Show up, be strong, be resilient, and know that you’re learning skills that will help you in your career during this time.


Given the uncertainty, I get that this advice might be hard to swallow. But hear me out.

What is the cost of not investing in yourself? What will it cost you to not have all the necessary tools you need to be excellent at your job? What resources do you need to not be passed over? What would happen if you didn’t have those things? My word for 2020 was “shift,” and I think making an investment into yourself is a perfect example of that. We have to pivot, we have to be agile, and we have to make time to equip ourselves to succeed. Don’t stop learning because you’re afraid of financial instability. This too shall pass, and I don’t want you to settle for mediocrity because we’re living in unprecedented times.

If you need help finding your way during the pandemic, let's connect! Put a one-on-one with me on your calendar and let’s start generating your game plan.

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