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  • Linda R. Taliaferro

5 Tips for Handling Organizational Change

Change is inevitable, isn’t it? But man, it can be hard. Organizational changes are stressful, and in this time of the pandemic, we’ve all been grappling with a major life shift. How do we adapt to what challenges us? Here are the top five ways I’ve found to handle change without stressing out.


It’s easy to think of change as a very negative thing. It’s inherently disruptive, right? But if we shift our mindset and think of changeless as a problem and more of a state of being or even an opportunity, it can really re-frame the disruption as something that isn’t a threat to us. Change is constant, so shift your mindset to try and let go of an immediate fear of change.


What do you bring to your role in your organization? There’s only one you, so narrow in on the ways that you are a value-add to your organization, focus on your own growth, and continue showing up. If you can rest confidently on your own positive contribution, your workplace will stop feeling like a thing that is happening to you and become more of an environment that you are navigating and shaping. It might also help to identify an area of professional weakness and take steps to strengthen it. If you take control over your own narrative, you’ll feel less helpless.


Flexibility is a super-power. Seriously.

In the middle of an uncertain situation, being able to change and be agile in the face of uncertainty is essential, and some people can’t manage it. They take one look at something unfamiliar and freeze up, clinging to their old ways. But if you can adapt to the situation, you’ll rise to the top.

Getting comfortable with changing plans is the first step to accepting organizational change and using it to demonstrate a leadership mindset. You show up and demonstrate that you’re strong enough to adapt, and you’ll mark yourself as someone ready for further leadership opportunities.


The Boy Scouts were onto something with their motto. Prepare for the change you’re going to encounter when you do go back into your office space. We’ve been working at home, getting used to new tech, and adjusting to communicating differently. Remember that while you’re at home, you can be intentional about your schedules and self-care, deliberate in your professional growth, and strategic in your launch plan for what you want to accomplish when in-person business resumes.


I’ve heard people say, “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it,” and I strongly agree. Remember that you are in charge of your attitude, and even if this change has been tough, you still can control what you do in response to it. It’s a freeing attitude to adopt, and a good attitude supports all of the previous points I made in this blog.

We can’t control the world, but we can control ourselves.

If you need help navigating organizational change, let's connect! Put a one-on-one with me on your calendar and let’s start generating your game plan.

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