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  • Linda R. Taliaferro

5 Ways to Be More Confident in Your Role

I talk a lot about people with that “It Factor”— people who have that certain something that makes people notice them. I think a big part of that is the importance of self-confidence in your professional presentation. Knowing your worth and being able to convey it confidently is a powerful tool to help you get a seat at the table — whatever that looks like for you.

We’re living in uncertain times, and despite the changing nature of our workplaces, cultivating self-confidence is both achievable and useful. Here are a few of my top tips for developing self-confidence, whether you’re working remotely or working from home.


Sometimes we feel that even though we have a degree, we still don’t know enough about our industry to confidently deliver an opinion. So an easy way to increase your confidence is to beef up your knowledge. This might mean going back for further schooling or pursuing an additional certificate. But it can also be as simple as doing some market research into your industry. How do other people do this job? How does your day-to-day impact your company and field? Where do you fit in? A little digging can help you feel a lot more confident.


If you’re not feeling confident, sometimes the best solution is to just jump in over your head. You might not know everything about what you’re doing, but stretching yourself a little can get you immersed quickly, and by the end of the project you’ll be far more knowledgeable for just having done the actual work.


I’m not talking about telling off that annoying co-worker or giving your supervisor a piece of your mind. Speaking your mind at work is about letting people see and hear you “walking the walk.” Do people know your name? Are you engaging with the meeting? Is your voice being heard? If you’re logging on, trying your hardest, and making an impact, your next step is to show up in the arena of self-confidence. When people start hearing your voice, they’ll notice you! It’s a powerful way to build your confidence, so sign up for that talk, give that presentation, and let people see you.


Dealing with uncomfortable feedback can be a big self-confidence killer. We wanted to get a good result from that project or presentation and got criticism instead. Ouch! But I believe that all feedback is positive in the end, it’s just about how we receive it. The key is to not take it personally but to dial in on the useful nuggets that you can use to improve. You don’t have to listen to all of it! Take what’s useful, flip the script, and frame it positively.


Another way to increase your confidence is to have a mentor. They’re a powerful connection that can invest in you, care about you, and share insights and knowledge that might be hard to get otherwise. If you have someone on your team, you’ll feel armed with self-confidence to be more outspoken. Most importantly, because they have your best interests at heart, they’ll believe in you when you don’t believe in you. It’s a great way to bridge the gap between who you are and who you could be if you stretched a little, and having an outside opinion can help you feel a lot more confident making career moves.

Do you need assistance cultivating your own sense of self-confidence? Get in touch for a free consultation, and we can start to identify the stumbling blocks towards professional self-esteem in your life. Click here to get started with some specialized tips and strategies to grow your confidence.

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