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  • Linda R. Taliaferro

Attitude Determines Altitude

Your goal is not an obstacle unless you make it one

By Linda Taliaferro

There are challenges along this corporate climb journey for sure. It is not easy for anyone and often more difficult for women. Although things have changed, we have not totally arrived. There are many examples of what is possible. We see the number of female CEOS rising. Also, the ethnic diversity within the senior leadership ranks is improving as well. There is definitely 'a new day on the horizon'. For some time now, I have been advocating, driving change, making impactful moves and using my voice in my realm of influence. I am more committed and present in that journey than ever before. One of the keys to moving the needle, and experiencing impactful change is being fully prepared - assuring that your skill level is at optimum. Another key, and arguably one of the most important ones, is to not overshadow your skills and abilities with fear of standing out and standing up - advocating for yourself. In essence, using your voice.

There is another issue that tends to deter or slow us down. Fear of failure. This fear can be crippling and in some cases career deterring. You cannot be afraid to fail. It is not an obstacle unless you make it one. Step out of your comfort zone, stretch yourself. Learning from your failures, challenging yourself to think and act beyond the limitations you've put upon yourself will drive career growth. Risk taking is a muscle you need to strengthen in order to be properly prepare for the next level. You can't sit at the table if you lack confidence and you're scared! You have to have the strength to encounter every obstacle, every setback head up and head on, knowing your worth. Woe is me is not an option. It’s time to win.


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