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How Black & Brown Women Can Persevere in the Workplace

Updated: Aug 25

Black and brown women are sick and tired of being sick and tired, especially in the workplace. And for good reason.

People across the nation and around the world see the injustices that are happening in this country. They see police brutality as well as the social and economic injustices that unfairly target Black and Brown people.

While others see it in the news and on social media and express their distaste and disgust, imagine having to live in it.

Feeling like you are part of a never-ending battle. Constantly doing the right thing to make change happen for your people, but not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s exhausting.

Your Workplace Isn’t An Escape

You would think going to work, focusing on your career goals, and helping your organization grow would be just the escape from the poor hand you and other people of color are dealt, but that’s not the case.

For many of us, stepping into the workplace, especially when injustices are fresh on everyone’s mind, instead of being able to focus on your work, you are forced into the role of advocate and explainer for all Black and Brown people.

We get inundated with questions about the issues impacting us and are expected to help make everyone feel better about themselves and the situation.

But what about us? Who is there for us? When do we get a chance to breathe, grieve, and get on with our everyday lives?

When They Expect Everything From You

For many of us, we don’t get that chance. No matter how stressful it all may be, and no matter how heavy the emotional weight may be, we have to “always be on.”

This isn’t fair, but it’s a reality of our lives as Black and Brown women in the workplace.

But what can we do to overcome the extra baggage that people place on us? What can we do about supporting the injustice towards our brothers and sisters while handling the microaggressions and biases we experience at work?

Ketanji Brown Jackson’s One Word of Motivation

Newly appointed Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson tells the story of being a homesick Harvard student struggling against the urge to give up when a Black woman she did not know saw her and shared with her one single word that kept her going.

A word that I want to share with you to motivate you to keep your eyes on the prize. To fight for your careers. To become all that you dream of despite the injustices you encounter at work and in everyday life.


You Owe You

You have worked too hard, overcome too much, and have so much more to do in your life to let ignorance, injustice, and societal roadblocks stop you.

What if Rosalind Brewer didn't persevere? Then she wouldn't be CEO of Walgreens.

What if Sandra Douglass Morgan didn't persevere? Then she wouldn't have become the first Black Woman NFL team president.

What if Ketanji Brown Jackson didn’t persevere? Then she wouldn’t have been able to endure three long days of confirmation hearings to become the first black female Supreme Court Justice.

These women aren't an anomaly. They are THE example. Showing us all what perseverance within a system that is not set up for us to win truly looks like.

Perseverance looks like them, and it can look like you too.

Perseverance Equals Confidence

Perseverance is easy to say but harder to do, especially when you feel alone in your fight to keep pressing forward. But that all changes when you add one more word to the mix: Confidence.

Your perseverance journey begins with elevating your confidence in your skills, your experience, your intellect, and your comfortability to be who you are.

I want to give you a free gift that will give you the confidence boost you need, so you can persevere through anything work, and life decides to throw at you.

Download the FREE GUIDE: Workplace Confidence for Black & Brown Women.

Read it, learn it, and live it.

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