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  • Linda R. Taliaferro

Climb the mountain - It’s worth overcoming

I have had my share of hills, and mountains in some cases. When you are who I am in manufacturing, well in most industries, and hold a technical role; hills that need to be climbed are unfortunately common. For me, the reason I did not make it to the other side early in my career versus reaching the success I did in my latter years, was ME!

In order to shift MY mindset, I had to commit to several attitude adjustments. I stopped trying to keep up with The Joneses. I left behind worrying about what is done for Joe or Sue, potential biases or prejudices or complaining about someone who didn’t do this or that for me. Instead, I began owning my issues and doing the interpersonal hard work.

I chose the culture that fit my professional development. I stepped out of my “I didn’t come to work to make friends attitude.”  into building key relationships. By making these adjustments, I began to know my worth, advocate for myself and fully and authentically showing up. That’s when I began to consistently and successfully climb the hills placed before me.

If you are like me and find yourself constantly facing hills, know this - there will always be hills. Period. If you shift your mindset, own your career and do the necessary work - ALL OF IT; you will find that the climb becomes easier and getting to the other side will happen more often with each one.

#workculture #likability

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