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  • Linda R. Taliaferro

How to Turn Resilience into a Superpower

My word for 2021 is resilience. I love it, because to me it's about bouncing back strong after a trial or struggle. But for many of us (women of color in particular), resilience can be exhausting. All too often, we feel like we're expected to be resilient, to be courageous and strong. It's exhausting.

Today I want to talk about the ways that resilience can be more of a strength than a trauma response; your resilience can be strengthened so that it doesn't constantly feel like a fight.

Let's talk about some specific ways you can cultivate resilience and turn it into your superpower.

1. Get your self-care right

If you're a career-minded professional, you've probably spent a lot of your effort and willpower being focused on your goals. Sustained over the long term, that intensity is exhausting. To be consistently resilient without damaging your spirit, you need to be sure you're engaging in activities that recharge you.

Maybe it's meditating, practicing your faith, spending time playing a sport, or maybe just getting some more sleep. Whatever it is, pursue the things that fill your cup.

2. Develop your self-awareness

If you know me, you know that I don't believe in a distinction between personal and professional. Ask yourself: is there baggage I'm aware of in my personal life that could be impacting my professional life? Are there specific triggers that really set me off and set me back?

Spend some time talking to a loved one and journaling about how your sense of self impacts your work experiences to get a better grasp on your emotions.

3. Have a network

I love mentors and accountability partners; they turn a solitary climb into a team effort, and I think everyone works better with someone in their corner.

Find someone in your network who can lift you up when you need encouragement, and tell you the hard truth when you need to hear it. This person should have your back, but they can't only be patting you on the back. You need a strong rock to throw ideas against who can help you keep going when you're frustrated or blocked.

4. Get absolutely clear on your "why"

Every day, something gets you out of bed. The practical answer might be that you have to go make money to put food on the table, but I want you to go deeper. What actually matters to you? What are the values and long-term goals that keep you moving?

When you feel frustrated with your job, zoom out and take a bigger picture view by remembering your "why."

Maybe you want to be the first C-suite level executive in your family. Maybe you want to retire early and travel the world. Your goals are as unique as you are, and whatever it is will help you keep your focus on the endgame without burning out.

At the end of the day, your resilience is a gift that keeps you moving, but it doesn’t have to be a drain.

If you want additional support or coaching, click here to book a one-on-one with me and we can develop a resiliency plan suited to you.

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