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  • Linda R. Taliaferro

I’m Uncomfortable, But I’m Not Stopping

I had a conversation with my mother the other day. She's 92 and grew up in the Depression, and the lessons she learned from that time showed up in the way she raised us. You can bet we didn't waste a drop of toothpaste, and we used our things until they wore out. I think there's a tremendous amount of value in that life outlook. We wasted little and were careful with money, we were self-reliant and resourceful.

But at work, I've noticed that that scarcity-mindset can slow you down. It makes you fearful and slower-moving, and that means you might miss out on opportunities to move forward because you're afraid.

In these times, it's impossible for me not to make the connection between the Depression-era fear mindset and the current cultural climate today. Uncertainty seems to be gripping all of us, and it's really uncomfortable because it reminds us that we don't have control over our circumstances.

None of us can directly control the pandemic. None of us can directly control the political or cultural times we're living in, and that's scary! But I'd like to give you a bit of encouragement today to get out of that 1930s mindset and stay in a headspace where uncertainty isn't at the wheel.

Don't allow the present to determine your future

If you've followed me for long, you'll know that I am a huge believer in how much power our words have. If you're going around saying that nothing will get better or that you're not going to recover from this situation, you're speaking your present situation over your future potential. What I want you to do is focus on positive expectations. Talk about yourself in the direction you envision yourself going because the way you speak of your future has an impact on what will happen in it. Today is today. Yesterday was yesterday. But the future isn't written yet, and you need to start projecting positivity.

Take risks

I know that in a time of uncertainty, risk-taking is often the last thing we want to do. We're scared of what's coming, nervous to rock the boat in a time when it feels like we're barely treading water. However, remember that you've got what it takes to face this situation, and there are reasonable, sensible risks you can and should be taking during this time. Pick up the phone and give that person you've been meaning to network with a call. Raise your hand in that meeting. Volunteer to lead that project. Bet on yourself, because you've done the work, and you have what it takes to meet your goals. Uncertainty doesn't mean we put a pause on our own growth, so don't be afraid to stretch yourself.

If my 92-year-old mother can move from her Depression Era mindset into the 21st century, then so can you. If you'd like to learn some tools and strategies to continue your growth in these strange times, let's connect! Book a call with me, and we can discuss a game plan for your specific situation.

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