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  • Linda R. Taliaferro

If You Won’t Invest In You, No One Else Will

I'd been a working professional for years before I first tackled my problem with investing in myself. I'd been struggling and stuck, and even though I was ready to pour energy and effort into the careers of other people, I was incredibly reluctant to invest into my own career. I wasn't getting myself the help that I needed.

I had to sit down with myself and really look at why that was, because it was costing me promotions and advancement that I desperately wanted.

When I did get real with myself, I finally acknowledged what the problem was:

I was afraid to invest in myself.

In my heart of hearts, I hadn't made up my mind whether I was really worth that kind of investment, and it took a serious struggle on my part to finally move the needle and decide that I was worth it, dang it.

When I did the work and looked in the mirror and realized that I liked what I saw, that I knew the value I brought, it was a massive leap for me in my career.

What do you have to lose?

If you related to my story, you may have your own fears about your worth, and the value of investing in yourself. But my question to you is not whether you're worth investing in yourself, but what you risk losing by not?

I had a lot to lose emotionally. Professional self-esteem is a valuable asset that has served me well my entire career. And of course, there's also the financial considerations. If there is a consistent blocker in your career that's holding you back, you are missing out on promotions and opportunities that you could run with and use to get that seat at the table you’re dreaming of.

Investment is more than money

I've talked to some people who were interested in coaching, and when they asked about time commitment, they were surprised when I came back and told them that my programs are six months long.

But from my point of view, six months is incredibly short! How long have you been feeling stuck? A year? Two? Ten? An investment in yourself is a long-haul commitment because you can't just wander your way out of a professional blockage that has been in your way for years in an afternoon.

If your solution to a systemic issue in your professional life is thirty days of watching pre-recorded webinars, you have to be prepared for an outcome that reflects the effort you put into it. Sustained effort over multiple months is far more effective than passive interest over a few weeks.

Others see the effect of your investment

One powerful side effect of doing the deep work on your own career is that people around you will be able to tell.

When you work on your emotional intelligence and executive presence, other people are going to see the way you show up, and they’ll be more motivated to help you in turn. Think about the last time you saw someone make an earnest effort to get better at something. It's kind of awe-inspiring, isn't it? Whether it's a kid learning to ride a bike or someone learning to paint, it's a joy to watch someone make a sincere go at something.

So my advice to you is to take a look in the mirror. Are you investing time and effort into everyone but yourself? Are you making a sincere effort on the person who needs you the most?

Investing in yourself is not selfish or egotistical, it's one of the most valuable and necessary things you can do for yourself. Improving yourself and working hard on your own goals is what's going to move the needle on your career, so make time for yourself and invest in the tools you need to thrive.

If you'd like to discuss coaching options to help you in your professional journey, let's connect. Click here to put a one-on-one on my calendar.

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