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  • Linda R. Taliaferro

Regain, Renew, Relaunch with Marisa Scott

Today I want to highlight a very special young woman.

Marisa Scott is a client of mine who enrolled in one of my programs, and pretty early on in working with her I realized that her story might be helpful as a case study to some of my readers because she’s such a great example of someone who had a problem, tackled it, and got that seat at the table she was working for.

Here's where her journey with TEE starts: Marisa felt stuck.

She'd been working at a financial company, but she felt stagnant there. There wasn't the movement and energy she was looking for, so she began to pursue other job opportunities. But even though she was applying, she wasn't getting offers. She felt stuck and unable to break into the next-level opportunity she was hungry for.

Happily, for both of us, she found me.

We connected on LinkedIn, and after a few consultations, we decided that the Regain, Renew, Relaunch program would be the best fit for her situation. This system is all about pivoting or re-entering a new corporate sphere to find long-term fulfillment, identify professional roadblocks, and develop a plan to overcome them. I knew she would kill it, and (spoiler alert) she was able to pivot her career after completing only one-quarter of the full program.

Talking to Marisa about this, I asked her what about the program she thought helped her to get to this exciting point in her career. She told me that the biggest thing was the element of reflecting on the past. Sitting down, doing some homework, and having an honest conversation with herself about what had worked and what hadn't freed her up from the roadblocks she'd been carrying with her.

"I was moving from one job to another one, thinking that the past had gone behind me, and I was just going to look forward to the future. But if you do that without taking inventory of your experiences— both what's good and what's negative— you can carry those things into the next opportunity."

As a result of putting in this work with bravery and heart, Marisa received two job offers and ultimately accepted a position at a well known Fortune 100 company.

"It's the opportunity of my dreams. I couldn't have imagined a better opportunity, and I really owe that to just having completed 4 weeks of the program."

I asked Marisa what she would tell someone who was in the position she came to me in, someone who had ambition and drive, but who felt frustrated trying to gain access into a new position.

"Invest in yourself. You will never regret investing in yourself with someone who is invested in you as well."

I love Marisa's story. She's an example of someone who identified a problem, got some guidance, and put in the work to ultimately overcome it. She approached her sessions with me with a teachable spirit and a willingness to put in the effort, and it's been a genuine delight to see her reap the rewards of that energy.

If you’d like to tackle your career stumbling blocks, I’d love to connect. Marisa’s story started with a free consultation, and yours can too. Click here to get a meeting on my calendar, and let’s get started.

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