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  • Linda R. Taliaferro

The Consequences of Focusing on the Negative

If you've read any of my other blogs, connected with me on one of my Facebook lives, or heard me speak, you'll know that I'm passionate about understanding the "why" of a situation. I think understanding how you got to where you are so that you can do the deep work and identify the aspects of yourself that are holding you back in your career.

But I know that for some people, their “why” tends to run on a few common themes.

Some of them believe that the rules of the game are stacked against them, that they’re not in the right clique, that the department or manager is holding them back in ways that are outside their control.

I completely understand this frustration. I work with professionals across the country who are looking to break past this "stuck" feeling to get the seat at the table that they're after. We sit down and identify those streams of negativity that are making them so profoundly unhappy in their work, and together we do the deep work of understanding what those messages are saying, and why they aren’t reflecting reality.

And after all that, do you know what all of them learned?

Our words are powerful, and they create our reality.

That stream of negative self-talk in your head is making you focus on the negatives. When you're down on yourself inside your own mind, the world you live in will reflect that back to you. Small obstacles become landmines in your career journey, and our own negative thinking becomes our biggest blocker on our journey to getting the position of our dreams.

So what do we do to change that?

Shift your mindset. Unlearn those negative messages that are holding you back.

The rules are not against you, you just might not know the rules.

There are no cliques or special groups that are essential for promotion, you just haven't nurtured key relationships that you can leverage.

Shake off the feeling that what someone else says about you determines who you actually are.

These are some of the foundational principles in my coaching practice, and I've seen them pay off for countless professionals in a large range of fields. Though their industries vary, when they shift their values, they become people who identify and articulate their own value, and that confidence takes them out of that negative mindset that is holding them back.

I'd love to work with you to start tackling the mindset issues that are influencing your work life. I believe that anyone can re-write their mindset into a focus that is productive, motivating, and encouraging, especially if you have a little help.

Let's connect! Click here to get a one on one with me on your calendar.

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