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  • Linda R. Taliaferro

The Secret to Shifting Your Career Narrative

What’s my boss’ deal?

Why isn’t management promoting me?

How come colleagues never invite me out after work?

If your career’s left you with more questions than answers, then you’re not controlling your narrative. YOU are leaving your trajectory up to others. And you’ll end up moving (without making progress).

Here’s how you change that. Right now.

The AMA Methodology

I wouldn’t be the Vice President of a global tech firm today without my Accelerate, Maximize, and Achieve (AMA) Methodology. Because despite holding all the right degrees and working hard, my early career plateaued. Big time.

It wasn’t until I learned the other half of professional progress — interpersonal skills — that I really moved the needle on my career. And that lesson shaped the AMA methodology I’m about to share with you now.

Chances are, you’ve never heard career advice like this before…

Peel Back to Accelerate Your Career

Where’s the first place you should look when your career’s stalling?


Because everywhere you go, THERE. YOU. ARE. Even at Thanksgiving with your family. Even in the boardroom. You’re the same person. A wallflower at the dinner table. A wallflower in the conference room. Argumentative with your mother — and your boss.

Your first step, then, is to look inward and uncover the drivers behind your behavior. These are oftentimes past traumas that need healing, so you can let go of your anger and sadness. Reframe your thoughts about the present. And move on.

Strip Away to Maximize Your Growth

Once you’ve worked on the hangups you’re aware of, it’s time to uncover others you can’t see. The best way to do this? Strip away the ambiguity.

Ask your coworkers.

Because you can’t know how they’re experiencing you, unless you ask them. Ask your boss. Ask your associates. Even check in with your assistants. Get 360-degree feedback, so you can finally see the full story about YOU. Only then can you take action to shift your career narrative. And ultimately control your story.

Keep Growing to Continue Achieving Your Goals

The first two steps of AMA are essential to cultivating your social awareness and relationship management skills — the cornerstone of emotional intelligence (EQ). And EQ will help you build the relationships you need to start going places: coworkers’ BBQs and big conference meetings.

But even once you’ve taken your seat at the table, your journey is far from over.

Because we’re all a work in progress. No one has arrived. Not even me. That’s why I still have mentors. That’s why I’m in a leadership experience program right now. There’s always room for growth.

Shift Your Story

This work is not easy. But you know what’s even harder?

Allowing others to control your career narrative. Because then you don’t get to decide when you’ll hit the major milestones: leading big initiatives, getting promoted, sitting with the board. Worse, you’re left guessing and stressing about WHY.

If you’d rather do the work that’ll take you to the top, book your 1-on-1 with me today. We’ll get there together.

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