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Top Ten Podcast Episodes for Black and Brown Women in Corporate America

Whether you’re new to your job or you’re an experienced professional looking to reach that next level, we all need a little support. As Black and Brown women in particular, we face unique challenges that require unique guidance. As a senior executive and a proud Black woman, I have encountered and overcome dozens of workplace situations, and if there’s a situation I haven’t faced, you can bet one of my guests has.

Here are the top ten episodes of the Being Brown at Work Podcast that I recommend for my listeners. Enjoy!

5 Ways to Build Resilience for Black Women in Corporate America

Resilience is the ability to bounce back from adversity with courage and momentum. How can Black women in corporate America cultivate and strengthen our resilience? How does it factor into our corporate journey? In this episode, I spoke with a stress management consultant who laid out 5 ways to build that crucial skill of resilience.

How to Authentically Show Up Throughout Your Career

As women of color, “just be yourself” can feel like pretty useless advice in a world that often judges us based on stereotypes. This episode is all about the ways you can bring your complete self to the workplace, assess your career path, and open doors behind you.

How to Successfully Navigate Being the Only Black Person in the Room

Standing alone in a room can be incredibly isolating, so this episode discusses how women of color can own their self-identity and take back their power in a room that makes them feel "othered." My guest speaker Monique Wells discusses the importance of perception vs. self-perception, how her Christian faith aided in her journey to self-discovery, and how being the "only " in many situations affected her.

Reframing Challenges in the Workplace

All corporate climbs have struggles, but Black women can reframe their challenges in the workplace in ways that allow for more growth and positive movement. My guest Dr. Amina Gilyard James also shares fascinating data from her in-depth study of women of color and their experiences establishing professional identities.

Navigating Your Career in Predominantly White Professions

In this episode, Glenn McIntosh joins me to talk about his philosophy on race, social justice, and how people of color can successfully navigate a career in a predominantly white profession. I love this episode's focus on introspection and practical problem solving to help you fit in without blending in.

Women of Color Embrace Your Superpower!

Bouncing back stronger than ever is more than a strength, it's a superpower. This episode will show you how to turn trauma into strength and keep you moving forward and climbing that ladder after a setback. We'll discuss specific tactics, introspective work, and how you can leverage your network to get the support you need to bounce back stronger than ever.

Brown Female Professionals - Stop Self Rejecting!

Negative self-talk is that poisonous little voice in our heads that tells us that we're not good enough, that we'll never make it. Those negative messages often stop us from reaching for big goals, because we’re afraid to take risks that might hurt us. This podcast episode talks about why we self-reject, and how we can overcome the tendency.

How To Make Your Voice Heard in the Workplace as a Woman of Color

The only way to get a seat at the table is to make your voice heard. Speak up during meetings. Share your ideas. Stand up for yourself in the face of microaggressions or other injustices. And advocate for yourself. When you make yourself visible and your voice heard, you're telling everyone that you're ready to LEAD. This episode is all about how Black women can make their voices visible in the workplace.

How To Not Let Your Emotions Get Hijacked in the Workplace

Negative thinking becomes the biggest blocker on our journey to getting the position of our dreams. And when this happens, small obstacles become landmines in your career journey. In this podcast episode, I address how to avoid getting hijacked in the workplace and becoming "the angry Black woman."

Don’t Code Switch- Be Unapologetically Yourself

Code-switching has been around for centuries as a survival technique for Black and Brown women. It is generally viewed as a necessary evil and a burdensome survival mechanism for Black people in the corporate and professional context. In this episode, I’m joined by guest Angela Thompkins. Together, we talk about code-switching and how we can be unapologetically ourselves in the workplace.

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