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  • Linda R. Taliaferro

What Does Your Attitude Say About You?

In my job, my goal is to help professionals make a seat for themselves at the table. That might mean winning that promotion, creating a career you love, or leading your team to a sales goal, but whatever you're shooting for, a crucial component of getting there is having the right attitude.

I once worked with a woman who worked incredibly hard was really smart. She knew her stuff and got her work done better and faster than anyone else in that role. But even though this woman was the bomb at her job, she still had a very negative reputation in her office, because she wasn't a team player. It didn't matter that she was great at her work, because nobody wanted to work with her. She was great at the work, but bad at the job.

The work might be doing X, Y, and Z, but the job is to work together with your team so that you all win. If people see that your attitude doesn't support the group as a whole, they're not going to think you're ready for a next-level promotion. 

Something I believe passionately is that leadership isn't about the title on your business card, it's about how well you can get in front of a team and help get them to their goals. Do people like and trust you? Are they excited to follow your lead? If your stated goal is "leadership" but your attitude says "dictator," it'll make it harder for you to get that seat at the table you're after. 

Now, this can be tough, especially if your work situation isn't ideal. If you feel bogged down by a negative workplace, it can be tough to not express that negativity. It's easy to be positive in an environment when you feel good about it, but we've all had those seasons where our jobs are just kind of a grind. 

But I'm going to encourage you to try and project positivity, even if your job is trying your patience. If someone has a negative opinion of you, being "difficult" (even if it's a totally unfair assumption on their part) is only going to confirm their opinion of you.

And before you go rolling your eyes at me, I'm not talking about being a sugar-sweet, passive-aggressive version of yourself while you're choking on resentment inside. I think the best way to handle this kind of attitude-adjustment is to start from the inside out. Where is your negative self-talk coming from? What is the true heart of the problem that’s bringing you down? If you're not taking the time to really focus on your own negative self-talk, your own internal negativity is going to project outwards in the form of facial expressions and body language that will tell people a story about your attitude that isn't true. 

What's the root of your negative feelings, and how can you address them? That's the springboard for projecting a positivity that draws people towards you and announces to the world that you are the right person for that promotion, that position, that leadership role. 

Ready to make the big moves that will get you where you want to be in your career? Let's talk! Book a free consultation with me, and we can get started on a plan that will help you get where you want to be.

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