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  • Linda R. Taliaferro

Why 2022 Is Your Year for Progress

Moving forward can seem impossible when the odds are stacked against you. Maybe you lost your job or you know someone who did — the pandemic hit Black women the hardest. Maybe you’re just barely hanging on. Or you’re stuck and wondering, “Where is my career going under these uncertain times?”

Forward. Your career can progress this year, if you take the reins and steer it to that promotion or seat at the table or whatever your goal may be. Even small wins count.

Because these past two years were your first PUSH.

Why You’re Perfectly Positioned for Progress in 2022

Growth doesn’t happen when you’re comfortable. Pain pushes you to finally take that night class the 3rd time management passes you up for the promotion; get real about your stuff — your traumas from past rejections and slights — when coworkers keep inviting everyone but you to drinks after work; and take the leap with leadership coaching because the C-suite hasn’t looked your way (even once!) in the entire 10 years you’ve been with the company. Growth is painful.

So if the difficulties and the challenges and the social unrest of these past two years left you questioning your career growth…STOP. Because it’s the other way around: they made you stronger and more prepared than ever before to seize the big win this year.

How to Move the Needle on Your Career

Do the work. And no, I’m not just talking about working harder or longer hours. I’m talking about taking a hard look at the gaps you need to bridge to get ahead. Do you need another certification? Course? Or degree? Figure out what professional boxes you have to check.

Your next step is the hardest one: the personal work. Peel back your office persona, which is a combination of how you see yourself and how you believe others see you. Because that determines how you show up. Ask yourself the tough questions, like “Why don’t I trust my boss enough to share my presentation slides?” “What’s the real reason my team never invites me to the bar with them?” “Have I been putting myself out there authentically and making friends at work?”

Relationships are two-way streets. Owning your part in how they’re going at work will strip away the ambiguity because you’ll know which direction you’re driving: positive or negative. And when you understand your role in the office dynamics, you can steer the narrative in the direction you want it to go — and show up strong.

The people around you will notice your leadership and tap your shoulder for the next big project (& promotion!).

Let’s Progress Together

Personal work isn’t easy. If it were — you’d have done it years ago, right? If you need a jumpstart on your progression journey, I’m here for you. Schedule your one-on-one with me now, so we can make 2022 the year you hit the home run. Let’s do this together!

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