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  • Linda R. Taliaferro

Why You’re Your Own Competition

I think most of us have worked with a particular type of professional at one point in our careers. That person who is extremely defensive, always looking to point to someone else as the cause of a problem rather than own any of their own issues. They might even throw their other coworkers under the bus if they feel like it would bring down someone who threatened them.

These people are bullies, sure, but they’re also deeply insecure. They see their team members as competition, and any new hire, or any challenge to their comfort zone is instantly a threat.

Thankfully, this type of person is uncommon, but all of us have experienced some of these same feelings at some point or another. We can all get nervous and insecure, and for whatever reason, we can’t rest in our own sense of personal value and strength. We think other people are the competition. Even powerful, high-level professionals fall victim to this mindset!

The truth is that other people are not your problem, and they’re definitely not your competition. Your biggest competition is your own self. Something I tell my clients all the time is that our biggest obstacle is often the struggle to get out of our own way. When we want that seat at the table, when we’re trying to unleash our own highest potential, it’s our own issues that we carry around that block us, not other people.

What insecurities are you bringing to your job? What fears and stumbling blocks are you toting from job to job like luggage on a long trip? How many opportunities have you missed because you weren’t able to see your own value?

The only way we can stop getting out of our own way is to put in the extra effort to unwrap your own psychology and understand how your issues (not anyone else’s) are causing you to trip up. This takes effort. It takes hustle and grit. You’ll have to look at the ways that your personal traumas are continuing to hurt you, and believe me, there is no separation between personal and professional lives when it comes to baggage. But if you can manage to unwrap these layers, you’ll be able to walk in authenticity, armored with a sense of personal security and value that nobody can take away from you.

This process is totally transformative in your career, and I can help you get there. Work with me, and we can deconstruct your limiting beliefs and build up your confidence and clarity. If you can commit yourself to a few months of effort and introspection, you can transform your entire career. Permanently.

If you want to start the process of deconstructing your roadblocks, let’s connect. Click here to get a consultation on my calendar, and we can start to do the work together.

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