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Automotive Women's Alliance Foundation

2020 AWAF Industry Award Honoree - November 2020

Automotive Women's Alliance Foundation

How to Turn Career Trauma into Career Triumph - July 9, 2020

Corp! Magazine

Embrace the New Normal So Your Teams Can Thrive - May 14, 2020

Joy to Lead with Kaylan Thompson

Claiming Your Seat at the Table and Finding a Mentor - March 17, 2020

Michigan Chronicle

2020 Women of Excellence Honoree - February 16, 2020

Network & Spill with Whitney Coleman

How to Climb the Corporate Ladder as a Woman of Color While Staying True to Who You Are - December 5, 2019

Powering Up! with Anne Doyle

The Power of Getting Comfortable in Your Own Skin - September 2, 2019

I Am CEO Podcast

Vice President of a Leading Supplier Helps People Change Their Career Trajectory - August 2, 2019

Detroit Free Press Article - Carol Cain, Columnist

Female Presidential Candidates Face Big Double Standards - And It Shouldn't Be That Way - July  20, 2019


2019 Most Influential Women in Corporate America, March 29, 2019

Becoming with Ann Fancy Podcast

Linda Taliaferro on Vulnerability as a Super Power and the Path to Her Seat at the Table - February 2019

Women Owned Business Club

WOBC Spotlight Linda Taliaferro - January 2019

Jereshia Said Podcast

How Linda Taliaferro Created a 5 Figure Consulting Business While in the Corporate C-Suite - October 31, 2018

Alternatives for Girls 

Meritor's Vice President of Quality, Linda Taliaferro receives Role Model for Girls Award - March 28, 2019

Unspoken Terms with Casey Handy-Smith Podcast

Linda Taliaferro on the Consequences of Having Poorly Written Contracts as an Entrepreneur - February 2018

Profiles in Diversity Journal

Linda Taliaferro 2017 STEM Award Winner Profiles in Diversity Journal Women Worth Watching  - February 23, 2017

Women of Color

Vice President of Global Quality Receives Women of Color STEM Award - October 2015

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