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Are you willing to put in the

extra effort?

Meet Linda Taliaferro

Linda Taliaferro is a results-oriented speaker, educator and quality leader
dedicated to helping professionals who are stuck, strengthen key

interpersonal skills, get unstuck.

Linda's mission and passion are to flip the script so that more well-deserved
people are seated at the table. Her passion for helping people get a seat at the

table propelled Linda to create The TEE -The Extra Effort.

Corporate Companies & Organizations. Professional Organizations & Associations. Colleges & Universities

Speaking & Training Topics


Turn Career Trauma Into Career Triumph©

Whether you are new in your role, stuck in the middle, or at a point of pivoting or re-entering the corporate America; strengthen your toolkit and build a foundation that you can leverage to establishing a successful ladder climb.  

Peel Back, Connect and Grow (PCG©)

Who you are personally is who you are professionally.  Making that connection is foundational to shifting the trajectory of your career.  IQ is the price of entry.  It's your EQ that matters.  Learn the nuances of emotional intelligence, identify your gaps and develop a plan to successfully address them.  Make EQ your super power!

Eyes on Me™

Do you have the "IT" factor?  Can you command a room?  Do you lead with poise under pressure?  Do you look the part?  Do people sit up, tune in and engage when you speak?  All of these aspects represent the 3 characteristics of the IT factor, or Executive Presence.  I will step you through each on and provide clarity around what it is and isn't and give you the roadmap to developing it.

Level UP Your U.P.™

Establishing a brand is instrumental in setting yourself apart.  It shows your strengths, builds trust, establishes you reputation and highlights your unique attributes.  Learn the 5 steps to establishing your U.P. - Unique Persona.


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