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From unemployed to client and business development role with a major financial services company.  CLICK HERE  and listen to how the Regain, Renew, Relaunch service changed her career and her life within the first 4

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Marisa  Scott

“I had the pleasure of working with Linda as I made a transition back into corporate in summer 2017. She helped refine my leadership pursuit and shed some insight on my blindspots given my interests and working style. I have been in & out of technical roles / Mid-mgmt roles for the last few years. Linda helped me get laser focused on my long term goal and what particular skills should be in my next roles to make sure I get there. Not to mention her services helped me build meaningful relations in the workplace. 
I can officially share that starting next month I will LEAD my first multimillion dollar project in a completely different department! I got way more than I bargained for with Linda! Her candor and generosity made the program worth it!"

Torri Garland

Stuck at the same level for 20 years, she pivoted into a new role in a new company.  LISTEN HERE  to how she Maximized Her First 90 Days to position herself for a promotion into the senior executive level.

Kathy Rodes

“Thank you Linda for constantly reminding me of my self worth, be very clear about what value I bring to the table.  Empowering me to leverage those strengths and address my shortcomings.  You gave me the courage to step out there and take advantage of opportunities that had scared me in the past - to really stretch myself.  Scheduling regular check-ins with key people was invaluable advice.  And you assisted me in moving from a doer of tasks to a manager of tasks while exercising my strategic muscle as a director (a position I obtained by skipping 2 levels in 1 year after becoming serious about owning my career and not being the victim)!"

Sonya Moore

“I am very grateful for the way in which Linda Taliaferro demonstrated a sincere interest in the advancement and success of my professional career.  She selflessly extended herself to guide and advise me as I sought to make a career transition.  I very much appreciated Linda's sincerity and candor.  Very importantly, she believed in me and inspired me during this very challenging process.  Linda went on to offer advice on how to prepare for success as a new employee.  Her advice has been spot-on and always top of mind on a daily basis.  As a result of interactions with Linda I feel much more empowered and have found a confidence level in my capabilities."

Alexandra Warren

“I met Linda at the US automotive summit last year.  I have started working with her from a coaching perspective.  She is very dynamic and professional leader.  She is very knowledgeable and will give you information that will lead to lasting and sustainable results professionally.  If you have the opportunity to connect with her you should.  Very valuable resource with a network full of executives and leaders."

Bruce Covington