Your work won’t get you to the next level. 

Your skills will. 

Career advancement is often thought to be about being good enough at your job to move up, but the real work is believing with every part of your being that you are enough.


Whether you’re looking to stay with your company, move to another, or (re)join the workforce, I’m here to help you rise up and reach your goals. 

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I have 4 Signature Programs and 1 Online Course:

Maximize Your First 90 Days™ 


A springboard program for anyone looking to build a strong foundation that you can leverage as you transition throughout your career. 


Whether you are starting in a new role in your existing company, in a new organization, or just entering corporate America, Maximize Your First 90 Days helps you create pivotal tools which allow you to understand how to establish your personal brand.  Just as importantly, it offers tools to assist you in successfully navigate workplace politics, identify key stakeholders, build key critical relationships, the importance of being liked, and to make sure people know you are in the room.

Regain, Renew, Relaunch™

Designed specifically for people who have been out of the corporate arena for a while, or need to pivot in their careers, this program will help you do so seamlessly. 


Regain, Renew, Relaunch offers tools to help you zero in on the career, industry and/or role that fuels your passion and will lead to long term fulfillment. Identify potential roadblocks/obstacles and develop a game plan to overcome them.  This program also offers the unique opportunity to get advice on resume writing, interviewing, negotiating and other invaluable tips from executive search firm experts who hire people in mid and senior level roles.

7 Keys to a Successful Ladder Climb™

This is an online course for those who are seeking guidance, proven methodologies to implement and prefer working at their own pace.  It encompasses portions of the Maximize Your First 90 Days and Lean In programs. 


You will get a detailed step by step process with a downloadable workbook to document your progress along the way.  And if you like having the option of listening to the content, there is a podcast uniquely designed for this course and only available to those who are registered.

Eyes On Me™​


You’re working hard, buttoning up the gaps in your emotional intelligence, performing above and beyond, yet you still do not have a seat at the table you desire.  Why? Because you are missing the 'IT" factor. The thing that separates most from the next level - Executive Presence.


30 percent of what it takes to get a seat at the table is Executive Presence (EP). It’s hard for people to grasp the components of gravitas, communication, and appearance.  Eyes On Me will teach you what it really does mean, how to manifest and grow EP and secure that seat.

Lean In and Get Somewhere™


This program helps professionals get unstuck, remove stallers and detailers and shift your career to the next level. In middle management for 10+ years, and not being considered for promotions or not considered for opportunities.  Leaning in and getting nowhere? You have no clue as to why and now you are at your wit's end - beyond frustrated!! The methodologies provided in Lean In and Get Somewhere will assure that you successfully position yourself for the next level opportunity.

Ready to make moves? 

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"I would not have been this successful in my new role without learning and applying your methodologies, having your guidance and support."

Kathy Rodes

"I can officially share that starting next month I will LEAD my first multimillion dollar project in a completely different department! I got way more than I bargained for with Linda! Her candor and generosity made the program worth it!"

Torri Garland

"She helped me recognize the areas where I lacked confidence and gave me effective strategies to tackle those areas. I have gained much more than I signed up for."

Shermikia Lemon

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